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I'm Avi Agarwal


Born in a country with rich culture & heritage, I have grown up encircled with diverse people & thoughts. With a deep passion for design, I have developed a strong belief in the power of functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics to shape our built environment.

Throughout my studies at IIT Kharagpur (India’s premier Institute for architectural design) and my professional experience as an architectural intern and freelancer in various countries, I have gained a broad understanding of the field and have come to value the importance of considering the social and cultural context of a space, as well as the technical and formal aspects of design. With a commitment to creating meaningful, functional spaces that respect the natural environment and enhance the lives of those who use them, I am excited to continue learning and growing as a designer.

work 2.jpg

3D Visualizer, Infynite Style Studio | 2019-2021 | Kolkata, India
Interiors require a great sense of materiality, lighting, and color palette. It's essential to understand the user's needs and translate them into a visual experience; this is what I learned from my collaboration with Infynite Style Studio as a 3-D visualizer. I worked on developing interiors and furniture designs for villas, residences, and apartments.

3D Visualizer

Architectural Intern, Stilt Studios | 2021 | Bali, Indonesia
Admired by the concept of reducing building impact on the earth, I joined Stilt Studios as an Architectural Intern to contribute and enhance my knowledge about sustainability and modular construction. Having my first studio experience, I learned corporate working and communication skills.

Stilt Studios

Architectural Intern, Alexis Dornier | 2022 | Bali, Indonesia
The studio's working culture allowed me to lead multiple projects as a full-time architect during my 6-months internship. I was involved in every project aspect, from sketching to final building construction. I appreciated and learned the complexity of every architectural project and contributed to projects from a scale of a tiny house to a resort development.

Alexis Dornier

3D Visualizer, InOut Studio | 2021 | Madrid, Spain
Having a keen interest in visualizations, I worked with InOut Studio in  Spain on a high-end luxurious Salon. The collaboration brought a deeper understanding of the importance of every element in an interior space and how several components unify and create a positive experience.

Inout Studio

Freelance Designer | 2021 | Finland
I collaborated with architects and students from Finland and India and understood the essence of Norwegian Architecture in the “Niemi architecture idea competition.” The task was to design and develop the housing and commercial hub for Niemi's waterfront redevelopment considering Niemi's historical characteristics.


Let's hear from professionals

Architectural Intern, Olson Kundig | 2023 | Seattle, USA
A 6-month internship program helped me explore various typologies, from a cabin to the football stadium. I acquired new skills working on Revit, Mid-Journey, 3-D printing, laser cutting and wood workshop. The internship helped me to understand the dynamics of a large corporate firm and its responsibilities. 

Olson Kundig

Alexis Dornier 

Founder, Alexis Dornier Studio

"His ability to listen, learn and adapt instantly has proven very beneficial to the overall dynamic of the studio. Systematic thinking, a good intuition for shape and proportion and most importantly his great sense of what team work is has made him one of our best contributors so far."
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