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Amangani, Semester 6

Typology: Hospitality

Location: Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

In the beautiful natural setting of the upper Pilani Hills, Kodaikanal is a famous tourist location. The aim was to design a roadside motel where tourists could take food, relax, stay overnight, enjoy other facilities, and refresh themselves for further journeys to Kodaikanal.

The design tries to blend with the natural hilly character of Kodaikanal hills with a simple transformation of the pitched roof. Users can see the building's coherence with the site context and blend in with the local architecture. Facilities for both short-duration and long-duration visitors are provided to meet the motel's financial expenses. The design uses vernacular materials such as red clay tiles, timber, and stone to depict its relation with local vernacular architecture.

  1. Entrance Lobby

  2. Multipurpose Space

  3. Admin Office

  4. Toilets

  5. Single Bedroom

  6. Double Bedroom

  7. Girl's Dormitory

8. Boy's Dormitory​

9. Staff Dormitory

10. Storage

11. Kitchen

12. Restaurant

13. Souvenir Shop

14. Hot Shower 

GF plan Amangani.jpg
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