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Kiom Stadium, Semester 9

Typology: Sports and Educational

Location: Jharkhand, India

India is known for its unity within diversity. People find reasons to bind themselves together, despite the diversity. One such reason is sports. During a match, they forget everything, cheer, and play together for their team. 

The design welcomes the spectators with street lamps encompassing their journey through their soft light and ambiance. Kiom Stadium wishes to portray Jharkhand's beauty- its iron mines- and unite users through its design. The facade's metallic, rustic texture is reminiscent of the mines. The form follows the contours of the mines, thus welcoming and binding them. Stacking has been done according to climatic considerations. The circulation pathways have been designed in a loop to complete the circle of unity within the sports hall, thus enhancing users' experience.

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Indoor Stadium

Entrance and Reception

Public Amenities

Student Dormitory

Staff Dormitory

Viewing Gallery

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