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Alexis Dornier

Founder, Alexis Dornier Studio

Avi has been working tirelessly and contributed to the success of the projects that he had worked on substantially. His ability to listen, learn and adapt instantly has proven very beneficial to the overall dynamic of the studio. Systematic thinking, a good intuition for shape and proportion and most importantly his great sense of what team work is has made him one of our best contributors so far.


Shannen Budihardjo

Lead Architect, Stilt Studios

Avi is a very talented young architectural designer who continuously displays a high level of technical understanding and creativity. On top of his impressive design, Avi is always proactive and he always brings his A-game to work with a positive can-do attitude.


David Gallo

Architect, ALA Architects

I have worked with Avi on multiple architecture competitions and have always found it a pleasure to work with him. He is a motivated and reliable designer and visualizer. There are few people I have worked with that match his level of enthusiasm and creativity that he brings to the design process.

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